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Continuing the progression of the Cruzer Performance Lifestyle line up, the Zender bridges the gap between ultra-light and approach shoe. Built on a new last with more all around support and a full leather upper, the Zender can go farther yet maintains its lightweight roots and everyday versatility.

  • all around
  • trax rubber

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Reviewed by mikek

mikek bought "ZENDER (GRAY)" on our website
05/09/2017 - 05:48:14 PM
Excellent approach shoe

Guides are picky people when it comes to approach shoes. I want one that gives me enough support when I'm carrying a pretty big pack up easy and moderate approaches, is comfy, and can smear, edge, and take getting torqued in cracks. Kind of a tall order. The Zender is very comfortable, fairly supportive, smears well, edges passably, and is holding up in cracks. Thanks, Evolv! These shoes are gonna get some mileage this summer.